First Baptist Dallas Easter Run Raises US$4, 800


At least 860 participants turned out to participate in the

3rd Annual Dallas Easter Run on March 26th, the Saturday morning Easter Weekend. The runners came together for the run, hosted by the First Baptist Dallas in the United States.

The initiative is for The Last Well to raise funds for its clean water and Gospel campaign to Liberia by 2020

At the end of the race announced that its partner The Last Well (TLW), a Dallas-based non-profit, has raised $4,800 through an Easter Run organized by First Dallas Baptist and held on March 26.

This year was the third year that the race course wound its way through downtown Dallas, and attracted a record number of runners of all ages and abilities.

The new funds will be put toward new water projects in Liberia as it costs just $3,000 to provide an entire village with clean, disease-free water, the Easter Run’s support will enable TLW to a whole community and will contribute to a second well.

To date, TLW has reached more than 1,000,000 Liberians with over 1,500 water projects.

“We’re grateful to the team at First Baptist Dallas and everyone who competed in the Easter Run for raising $4,800 to bring clean water to Liberia,” said Dr. Todd Phillips, founder and director of TLW. “With fundraising efforts like these, we’re confident that we’ll meet our goal of reaching the entire nation by 2020.”

To hit this target, TLW still needs the funds to reach 900,000 more Liberians with 2,500 additional water projects.

Dr. Phillips said anyone wishing to support this cause can visit TLW’s website to start a fundraiser.

The Last Well exists to do something that has never been done: “provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia — border to border — and offer the Gospel to every Liberian we serve by 2020.

“At the same time, we’re encouraging the next generation of Christ-followers to live out God’s purpose for the church and to be the agent of change for the world, regardless of the need,” Dr. Phillips said.


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