FIFA Allots U$ 750,000 to Develop Football in Liberia

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Liberia is among 209 FIFA member associations which will be given $750,000 each by the world’s soccer governing body to develop football in Liberia, LFA President Musa Bility announced at a press conference in Monrovia, after participating in FIFA’s 64th Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bility confirmed that FIFA has already sent US$250,000 to the LFA’s account.

The 64th Fifa Congress ended on Wednesday with President Joseph Sepp Blatter announcing that there will be an increment in the disbursements to the six Confederations and the member associations. Musa Bility was accompanied by his two vice presidents, Musa Shannon and Cassell Kuoh.

Bility said the fund will be used for the LFA Center, set to be completed before the end of 2015. "I will ensure that as long as I am in football I do my best, and setting up this center will be a major achievement for the LFA,” he added. 

While Fifa is providing U$750,000 to member associations, each Confederation will receive U$7 million. The Congress approved the 2015/2018 budget (with projected revenue of U$5 billion and investments of U$4.9 billion), in which Fifa is set to invest U$900 million in football development, thus representing a U$100 million increase in the budget from the current cycle. Currently, Fifa redistributes more than U$500,000 every year into developing football in 209 member associations.

This year, Liberia will receive two additional bonuses (U$250,000 immediately, based on the 2011-13 period, and on completion of the 2014 financial year, U$500,000 at the beginning of 2015); the same model applies to the confederations (that will receive U$2.5 million immediately  and U$4.5 million at the beginning of 2015).

The bonuses are almost 40 percent higher than the ones given after the South Africa World Cup, four years ago. So far Fifa has supported 668 Goal projects in 202 member associations for an overall investment of U$284 million, which Liberia has benefited immensely, leading to the installation of lights at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium and the Astro turf on the pitch.

Fifa’s deputy general secretary Markus Kattner said this year’s tournament will generate U$4.5 billion. Fifa had estimated the month long event would bring in U$3.8 billion.

Blatter, hoping to be re-elected to a fifth term next year, told delegates over the past two days that they “would be happy” with the bonuses.

The 78-year old Blatter made special mention of Africa producing the first female president for a football association when Izetta Wesley took control of Liberian Football Association in 2004, a source at the congress revealed. Madam Wesley, Nsekera and now Johansen have made a mark in world and African football as the only three female bosses of national football associations.


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