Ex Athletes Agree to Meet in Georgia in 2017


Scores of former Liberian athletes who attended the 3rd Reunion held in Minnesota, USA ended last Sunday with many receiving plaques with their names inscribed on them recognizing their sacrifices for their country during their youths.

The three-day gathering, (June 17-19) was attended by former Liberian soccer, athletics and basketball players, reports say, was a historic gathering. The gathering agreed to meet in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2017 for the 4th reunion.

The former athletes, among other issues, held a general meeting, which included a business meeting where they discussed issues about sports, their roles and what they could do to improve the welfare of their compatriots who are less fortunate.

They also discussed what could be done to improve and create awareness about means to develop sports and athletes in Liberia and their assistance to sports development in Liberia.

Many of the athletes have been in the United States since they completed their respective educational pursuits at several universities in the United States.

They have also raised families and the gathering; the third of its kind help them to reconnect with the past, and also to meet each other again. The gathering on Saturday, June 18, engaged in a whole day sports festivities, including indoor and outdoor games.

On the same Saturday, the group participated in a dinner ball and honoring ceremony where scores of the attendees received their awards.

Reports said the occasion was a repeat of last year’s reunion held in Philadelphia, (USA) where memories of their playing days were recounted.

On the final day last Sunday, the gathering enjoyed a farewell cookout which is very popular in the United States as they ate and made merry and discussed events with each other in their native Liberia, with emphasis on how they could contribute to the development of sports.

They also deliberated on the fate of athletes that sickness had overcome and been neglected to face the difficult days alone. The issue of former Lone Star and St. Joseph’s Warriors ailing player Experience Sayon Davis, presently recovering from stroke in New Kru Town in Liberia, and urgently in need of material and financial support, was highlighted.


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