Enders Wants Support for Athletics


Educator Jonathan Enders is one of the die-hard financiers of athletics in Liberia. The 1984 graduate of Booker Washington Institute (BWI has over the years invested in athletics, which is not as popular as soccer in Liberia.

He was an 800m runner at BWI and competed in several competitions, winning medals for his school.

In 2006, he established the Conquerors Athletics Club (CAC) that developed many athletes who currently compete locally and internationally.

He told journalists on Saturday at the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia that athetics plays an integral role in his life. He expressed his delight in giving back to the sport by helping others to know the game.

The Conquerors Athletics Club finished third in the annual Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) Open Club Championships on Saturday at the Fendell Campus.

“Athletics is my passion, it has contributed to my current status; I mean my earnings and physical well-being. I feel pleased to give back to the sport, to give back to the young people of Liberia,” he told journalists.

Enders also expressed happiness over the growing interest of young people in the sport, despite its lack of poluarity in the country.

“When we established the Conquerors not many clubs were in the Liberia Athletics Federation, but today we have six clubs and this is a welcoming news for athletics.

“We want to encouarge everyone, especially those who have the passion and finance, to come and join us,” Enders said.

Enders and his wife established CAC in 2002 as part of their contribution to the development of the sport and to educate and encourage young athletes.

The Kingdom Foundation Institute, located in the Soul Clinic Community, is the scouting ground for the Conquerors Athletics Club.

“You know athletics and education are intertwined. Most athletes are educated and this is because atheltics is a competitive sport and athletes need to be focused,” he said.

He said the school (a high school) was established to help student athletes and give them the opportunity to acquire education along with the sport.

Mr. Enders encouraged high schools in Liberia to get involved in athletics by making it part of their physical education programs.


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