“Eman’s Goal”

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Eman Johnson is a 22 year-old student living in Paynesville City. He lives with his parents who are happy about him taking part in the Liberia Marathon 2014. He wants to have a career in academia.

Good morning! How are you finding the training today?

I am not finding it difficult. This is not my first time training here and every Sunday I exercise in some way.

Why did you decide to run the 2014 Liberia Marathon/10K? Are you new to running?

I want to test my skill, and I want to win a prize. I am not new to running; I am an old hand in the game.

What motivates you to keep going when you feel tired?

What motivates me is my goal. I am targeting my goal. If I sometimes see myself ahead, it means that I am not the last. So I keep moving forwards until I can be the first.

What are you most looking forward to about the big day on August 31st?

I am looking forward to being a winner!

What message would you give to other people thinking about joining up?

To exercise your body it makes you strong and healthy. So join up!

The 2014 Liberia Marathon is brought to you by ExxonMobil, Aqualife, RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas, and Putu Mining. For info on how and where to register: Please call 0880488243 or 0770130719.  You can also find us on Facebook: ‘Liberia Marathon’ (and be sure to LIKE our page to get regular updates); Or visit our website: www.liberiamarathon.com.


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