Doris Williams ‘VIP Stand’ Needs Facelift

Dorris Stadium_web.jpg

Scores of Bassanonians have expressed frustration over the shoddy construction of the ‘VIP Stand’ at the Doris Williams Sports Stadium in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County and have called for its restructuring.

The VIP Stand was built like a house’s porch with large parallel irons, while the right-side had building blocks, indicating that those at the back seats would not see the other side of the pitch and those at the front not see clearly because of the thick and large irons which are installed horizontally.

Sources said the construction fees were taken from the County Development Fund (CDF).

The president of the Liberia Old-timer National Association (LONA) and astute football stakeholder, Cllr. T.C. Gould said the VIP Stand is shameful, and needs adjustment.

Former Barrolle President Garmondeh Karnga and the president of Sinkor Oldtimer Association Paul Romeo Davis urged the County Administration to breakdown the building blocks on the other side of the witness stand and remove the thick and large irons and beautify the VIP Stand.

Karnga said: “The rebuilding of the VIP Stand will smarten the field and make it look like a stadium, so we urged the administration.”
For his part, Mr. Davis urged for the administration to rebuild the VIP Stand and said the County Authority must take responsibility for the rebuilding.


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