District #2 Rep. Aspirant Donates to 2 Communities


Montserrado County District #2 Representative aspirant James A. Momo on Sunday, January 1, donated four sets of jerseys and four footballs to two communities in Paynesville as a fulfillment of a promise he made to them.

The donations were made through the Friends of Momo at the Block A Sports Pitch in Amagashie on Somalia Drive and Peace Island football field in Congo Town respectively.

Making the presentation, the Chairman of Friends of Momo, Doe Romeo Sherman, said the donations were Mr. Momo’s way of demonstrating that he will live up to any promise he makes in his bid for the district’s legislative seat.

“Those days when some politicians would make promises that they cannot keep are over. I am committed to keeping every promise. I am coming to the legislative race with untainted integrity and a clear vision to advance District #2 of Montserrado County,” he said. “This is just a tip of the iceberg as regards programs earmarked to be undertaken.”

For his part, the National Coordinator of the Friends of Momo, Philip Lombeh, said the sets of jerseys are basically intended to assure residents of the district that Mr. Momo will keep whatever promise he makes.

“There are 32 communities in District #2 and there is a planned tournament to be held in the area. Nine communities have already benefited from tournaments Mr. Momo has sponsored and the winners received four sets of jerseys as well as other prizes,” Mr. Lombeh added.

Receiving the items, the head of the Amagashie Community Soccer Team, Malacky Sheriff, praised the representative aspirant’s fulfillment of his promise noting that it speaks volume of the kind of person he is.

He said the jerseys and footballs were timely because the football team has been struggling to get football and a set of jerseys that would enable them to be identified whenever they participate in any tournament.

“We are very excited about the donation. Mr. James Momo is a friend and we know him very well. He is someone to look to whenever everyone fails to help you out. We will use the donated jerseys for their intended purpose,” Mr. Sheriff stated.


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