DHL Wins ‘United Delivered’ Match 3-1

Some players of Young Boys United FC at the George Weah Technical Center after the match.

A football competition designed by Manchester United’s logistic partner DHL for its fans around the world was for the first time hosted in Liberia by youth football club Young Boys United FC over the weekend at the George Weah Technical Center in Careysburg.

The team was divided into two, with one representing Manchester United and the other DHL. In the end DHL defeated Man United 3-1.

The match was played for the first time through a registered Liberian fan of Manchester United, Micheal Johnny, who applied to host the match.

The “United Delivered” match was launched on July 10, 2017 to strengthen the bond of Manchester United fans around the world. DHL takes an official ball to a series of matches hosted by Manchester United fans all over the world and supplies each host with a legacy kit made up of match equipment including playing bibs (red and yellow), cones, goals, and more.

More than 100 games are played throughout the globe, with a lucky team made up of randomly selected players winning a trip of a lifetime to Old Trafford to take part in a special final match against a group of fans from Manchester.

“It was a great moment in our team’s history to have hosted the ‘UNITED DELIVERED’ match for the first time in Liberia and we hope for the best result from the raffle draw,” the club said on its official page.

Young Boys United FC is a third division youth club based in Bernard Farm that participates in the Paynesville LFA Sub-committee league.


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