Debbah Blasts Technicians’ Exclusion

LPRC Boss and Program _web.jpg

Liberia’s ex-celebrated football star, James Salinsa Debbah has frowned on the program committee of the official celebration of trophies in Buchanan for not recognizing, ‘technicians’ during the program last Saturday.

Salinsa, as he is affectionately called, said the exclusion of the coaches, Mr. Garmondeh Karnga, Cllr. Theophilus Gould and others, (including him), who contributed ‘tactically’ to the success of the teams in the program was erroneous.

He told newsmen over the weekend during the official celebration of the football and basketball trophies, that their exclusion has a ‘political undertone’, which h believed was mainly intended to promote would-be candidates in the forthcoming Senatorial Election.

“We too, worked and motivated to win amidst financial and moral constraints,” Debbah said. “We all suppose to be recognized publicly.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the program committee, T. Nelson Williams told newsmen that the technicians were thanked and recognized duly, but Debbah he never shown interest to attend any of the meetings.

Mr. William said Bassa citizens who expressed interest and attended the meeting were given the space to be part of the program.

The LPRC Boss clarified that the program was planned without any political undertone, but rather with the sole purpose of celebrating the end of the title drought after 24 years.


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