County Meet Veteran Finds Heart’s Desire


It was a celebration culminating the chance meeting of two young lovers, more than ten years ago, when the young man was a star player in the annual County Meet and the young woman was out there supporting her county, morally.

“I saw her after winning the match over Sinoe County,” Abraham Cooper (Nyonkon) who was then playing for Cape Mount County told a gathering of well-wishers, friends and family members at the Republic Hotel last Saturday, in Logan Town, Monrovia. It was during the wedding ceremony with Ms. Irene Nivile, who is now Mrs. Irene Cooper.

That match was in 1986 and the following year, Nyonkon met Irene when he was playing for Sinoe County and the final matches were moved to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. Nyonkon had switched counties and he was now featuring for Sinoe County and led Sinoe to defeat Cape Mount County.

Already becoming popular being a lead vocalist with the Small Town Social Club, that performed at occasions in the communities of Logan Town, West Point, New Kru Town and others, the young man did not lose sight of Irene and many years later last Saturday, the two held each other’s hand and Nyonkon, also known as ‘Veteran’ declared to the gathering that ‘Irene is his heart’s desire.”

Family sources and friends felt satisfied at how the relationship had grown to be cemented with a vow, since Nyonkon had worked with persistency to weather what they described an unfavorable storm that came his way.

“Today My Heart Desire,” was re-echoed by the MC and the large gathering showed their appreciation for the couple as they rejoiced and celebrated the matrimony by Mr. & Mrs. Cooper. Remarks from families made it clear that they were satisfied for the decision by the couple to make it public before man and God.

At the gathering included representatives from APM Terminals, Wise Ladies of New Kru Town and Decontee Social Club of West Point. They wished the couple the best and asked for God’s blessings upon their relationship. They made several material contributions in both cash and in kind to the couple.


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