Coach Appeals for GOL Support for ‘Skateboarding’


The coach of the National Skateboard Association (NSA), Nathaniel James has appealed to the Ministry of Youth & Sports to include the sport in its annual subscription to enable the organization to take the sport nationwide.

“Skateboard is exciting sport and we are asking the Ministry of Youth & Sports to provide annual financial support to the national association that we can make the sport popular in the country,” Coach James said in an interview with the Daily Observer, recently at the ELWA Academy campus in Monrovia.

Coach James last Wednesday made several demonstrations at the ELWA Academy campus for nearly 72 students from the lower and higher classes, who are members of the school’s skateboard club.

James said without support from the government, it is difficult to the get sport going, except the support of private individuals who have shown interest to support the National Skateboard Association with their own resources.

He said there several skateboarding clubs that the National Skateboarding Association wants to arrange for competition among them.

“To do that means we need financial and material support to be able to organize that,” Coach James said. “We need helmets and skateboards for our members and without them we cannot hold any competition.”

He commended the administration of ELWA Academy and non-profit organization Foundation for Women (FFW) for establishing a skateboarding club at the school to develop participants.

“The Foundation donated 18 helmets and 18 skateboards to the Academy and I think that is an impressive demonstration of support and we need to commend the two organizations,” he said.

James said it has been a dream of the National Skateboarding Association to get support from organizations based at home and abroad and “we are happy that FFW is encouraging the development of the sport.”

Skateboarding is a form of recreation and sport, popular among youths, in which a person rides standing balanced on a small board mounted on wheels and it is considered one of the so-called extreme sports. Skateboarding as a professional sport boasts a range of competitions, including vertical and street-style events.

Vertical skating (also called “vert”) features aerial acrobatics performed in half-pipes that were originally built to emulate empty swimming pools. Street style features tricks performed in a real or simulated urban environment with stairs, rails, ledges, and other obstacles. Skateboarding has developed as a youth subculture that emphasizes creativity and individuality. It is an alternative to mainstream team sports, which are more formally organized and largely controlled by adults, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.


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