CLATOSA Win BASOSA Knockout Tourney

BASOSA Knockout Champions Clara Town Old Timers Association before their victory yesterday

The Clara Town Old Timers Association (CLATOSA), yesterday won the Bushrod & St. Paul Old Timers Association (BASOSA) knockout competition beating FOFA 3-1 on penalties.

The match was played at the Alligator sports pitch at Conference Center in Virginia, Monrovia. The game was played for 60 minutes, 30 in each half and there was no extra time.

The game ended 0-0 at the regular time and both teams went into the penalty kicks with CLATOSA scoring three of the five kicks and their opponents one and lost three kicks.

The first 30 minutes proved some excitement as the oldtimers challenged each other as strikers and midfielders and defenders worked the game. There were man-to-man passes but most of the time connections intended for teammates went to opponents.

The president of the Liberia Golf Association Nelson Oniyama was the guest of honor and he took the kick off to begin proceedings.

The tournament was part of physical exercises that former Liberian soccer players are heavily engaged in. There is LONA (Liberia Old Timers Association) that organizes regular league every year.

Besides the physical exercise, one important benefit is the camaraderie that it encourages among the players which improve their relationships and increase respect for each other.


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