City Series Challenge Cup at Mandela Field

The last series matches were played in Clara Town and West Point U12 and Clara Town U14 winners with DonamiSports officials

The 2017/18 City Series Challenge Cup continues on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Mandela Field, near Point Four on Bushrod Island, Monrovia. The series is organized by grassroots soccer development group DonamiSports, based in the United States and Liberia.

According to Coordinator Josiah Toe, the tournament will include New Kru Town U-12 All-Stars, NKT Under-14 All-Stars, West Point U-12 All-Stars, and Clara Town U-14 All-Stars. He said the first game at 11 a.m. will match NKT U-12 All-Stars against West Point U-12 All-Stars.

In their last two games, West Point U-12 All-Stars defeated their Duport Road and Clara Town counterparts. Their U-14 partners however defeated Duport Road U-14 All-Stars in their previous game but lost to Clara Town U-14 All-Stars in the next series of the tournament in Clara Town. Hence they lost the chance to continue to play in the series.

The second game on Saturday will pitch New Kru Town U-14 All-Stars against Clara Town U-14 All-Stars. The series of matches exposes the young people to their own kind of competition where skill and the value of effort count much more. The kids are allowed to play their game with their equals and the organizers ensure that players own their ages.

“We are building in them the value of honesty,” Toe said. “We only allow players of their own age to play against each other.”

Toe said victory against their opponents is the sure way to remain in the series. “The winner is always qualified to play in the next match,” he said.

He said no matter the results, the kids are rewarded with medals to commend them for their effort. “DonamiSports provides the jerseys for all the teams and the winning teams receive other awards where necessary,” he said.

DonamiSports also works with the YMCA-Liberia to organize their grassroots soccer league in communities.


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