Chelsea Fan Club Chairman Laid to Rest

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Mourners celebrating the home-going of Nathaniel P. Wrawreh, 67, chairman of English club Chelsea Fan Club, on 110th Street in New Kru Town last Saturday were reminded of the prayer of King David who asked God to cause him to know his end.

Rev. Augustus Sokloo, on the theme ‘Life is short’ drew his message from Psalm 39:4-7 and said David asked God to give him the “measure of my days—what it is, that I may know how transient I am.”

Held at the Morris Kaypah Funeral Parlors in Upper Caldwell, outside Monrovia, Rev. Sokloo quoted King David when he told God, “You have made my days just a few; and my life’s duration is as nothing in front of you.”

He asked the congregation of families and friends to remember that “surely every earthling man, though standing firm, is nothing but an exhalation.” Hence, like David, “Our expectation must be toward God.”

Rev. Sokloo said in a semblance, man walks about in vain and piles up things and does not know who will be gathering them.

“Only God we must look up to when tragedy strikes; and therefore, the family and friends must look up to God in this difficult time,” Rev. Sokloo said.

Meanwhile, the congregation reviewed the lamentation of Job (Job 7:1-10) on the shortness of life on earth, and with God as the only hope for the future.

Wrawreh died on November 22 after a brief illness. His life sketch was read by his son, Geeboe Wrawreh. His remains were interred in Caldwell.


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