Champion Juggler Entertains Fans

Jean Mama in action at the Antoinette_web.jpg

Jean Mama’s football career ended in the 2nd division of the Liberia Football Association, some years ago in Mamba Point.

Since then he has developed a knack for juggling the ball.

He was in action last Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium when the national soccer team, Lone Star, took on their opponents from Lesotho.

“I won the juggling champion,” Mama told the Daily Observer. “It was last held in July at the YMCA in Monrovia.”

He has the ability to play with the ball with his feet and kick it on top of his head and let it sit there as long as he wants.

Last Sunday, he had on a boxer shorts and he decided to put on his sweat-suite trousers, while at the same time he juggled the ball from one part of his body to another.

Fans who were familiar with his antics cheered him on, and it was a fascination to see someone who had absolute command of the ball and did all he could with it, with the experience of a professional juggler.

This was a piece of side attraction that the Daily Observer could not have overlooked.



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