Cece United Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

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Cece United Football Academy (CUFA), of Sinkor, Monrovia will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary this weekend, from Friday – Sunday, August 28 – 30.

The celebration will focus on giving back to the community thru environmental and youth initiatives. Established in August 2012 and supported by its General Overseer, Pawala Janyan and other benevolent officials, the Academy is organizing series of events such as clean-up campaigns, soccer matches, among others.

Events include: Friday: Cleaning-up of Saye Town Sports Pitch at 7:00am; Soccer Match: CUFA U-15 vs. Officials of CUFA at Saye Town Field at 4:00pm.

Saturday: Cleaning-up Saye Town Community in morning hours, followed by football game at 2:00pm: U-10 Soccer Match: Two teams of CUFA and U-15 Soccer Match: CUFA U-15 vs. BC United at the Saye Town Field.

Sunday: In the Let’s Play Competition kids will compete in series of games from12:00noon in U-10 soccer game: CUFA vs. Keita F.C; U-12 CUFA vs. Peace Island F.C also at Saye Town Field.

CUFA is a mini grassroots football academy, free to all children, which seeks to educate young and talented kids about the beautiful game, help parents in bringing up their kids with good moral discipline as well as placing emphasis on dedication to their academic studies. The program target ages 6-15 years and currently consists of more than 90 school-going kids in Sinkor and various communities around Liberia.


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