CBL Director Commends 72nd Social and Athletic Club


By Chris F Pewu

Matthew Innis, Central Bank Deputy Director has urged youth in the 72nd Community to get more involved in sporting activities.

Mr. Innis, who spoke at the launch of the 72nd Social and Athletic Club over the weekend, said for more than 20 years the community has not been recognized by government due to the lack of sporting activities in the area.

He said it is about time that youth of the community, particularly in the 72nd Social and Athletic Club see reason in bringing up ideas that will help their community.

Innis said: “The 72nd Social and Athletic Club in Paynesville is to put all of you together and to work in your interest and that of the community.”

He further commended the youths for the ‘unique initiative’ and urged them to be more engaged in the sporting arena.

According to Innis, he believes that the newly established athletic club will lead the young people in the community to understand their roles in their social interactions. He asked them to desist from the spirit of divisiveness, jealousy and must engage in activities that help their community.

“Despite the current situation in the country, you should not feel discouraged and allow anything to tie you down,” he said.

The chairman of organization, Leonardo Bill Hiah said the group was organized on August 24, this year, to promote unity and provide assistance to young people in the community.

Chairman Hiah said the social and athletic club’s motto is: “Forward Ever, Backward Never,” and the club will also embark on cleaning up campaigns in the community.

Mr. Hiah said they will do everything to avoid errors that can undermine the credibility of youths in the community.

He said their dream can only come through if they hold together.

Executive members of the club include Niebe Sandoe Artorius-public relations officer, Mohammed M. Fahnbulleh- co-chair, Mohammed F. Sesay- general secretary, Michael B. Hoff – assistant secretary general, Abu Keita-chairman on planning committee, among others.

Meanwhile, the program was climaxed with a match which 72nd Athletic and Social Club defeated Dirigo Social Club of ELWA 2-0 in soccer, with the goals coming from Robert Miller and Franklin Blackie.


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