Can NPA-Anchors Triumph over Jubilee in Kakata?


Coach Jerry Anderson’s NPA-Anchors have one objective this weekend: putting Jubilee FC to where they belong when they meet in Kakata in the 3rd Round of the LFA Cellcom League at the Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium on Saturday.

The Anchors have had a win and a loss so far in their last two games. They narrowly defeated LISCR FC 1-0 in their first round encounter and lost the same margin to BYC in the second round.

“We intend to keep our winning focus this weekend,” Coach Anderson told the Daily Observer in a telephone interview yesterday. We are going to take his word for that promise.

BYC will clash with Mighty Blue Angels at the Blue Field, near the Antoinette Tubman Stadium also on Saturday at 4p.m.

Mighty Blue Angles have not had the goings easy. They lost their last two games. Going for their third round match will demand some sacrifices but going against the highly fancied BYC, it is not an interesting review for the Angels.

To boost their spirits, a win would do a lot of good. And for God’s sake there should not be another loss.

Mamie Kpoto’s Keitrace FC is riding high and meeting Watanga FC in Unification Town can be an interesting encounter on Saturday.

The Kpoto boys defeated Blue Angels in their second game and they may be determined for the third.

Another interesting duel is at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium with Oilers going against LISCR FC.

Having lost their last two games, Fatu FC returns to the D. Twe Sports pitch tomorrow to meet Monrovia Breweries. In their first loss (5-1) to Oilers, reports said many of the regular players of Fatu FC boycotted their game.

As a result team officials were forced to use a half-fit squad to be humiliated 5-1. But then when the regular players agreed to play, they too lost 1-0 to Invincible Eleven in round two.

Now they have a chance to redeem their image and this must be it or else it against the local idols.

And riding with her last two victories, Invincible Eleven returns to the Harbel Sports Stadium to meet Ganta Black Star in a third round crunch match on Saturday.

Bubbling with enthusiasm with two victories smiling over them, it can be anybody’s guess to predict that the Sunshine Yellows can claim the maximum points to make it triple victories. But can they?

Saturday evening will provide all the answers.


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