BYC-I Gets New Captains for 2019 Season

BYC Goalkeeper Abdulai Koulibaly

Liberian football giants Barrack Young Controllers (BYC-I) have announced that goalkeeper Abdulai Koulibaly and center-back Teah Dennis as their new Co-Captains for the up-coming 2019 season. The players were chosen unanimously by BYC’s technical staff.

Former LISCR FC winger Samir Kamara who has been at the cub for two years will be the third captain of the “Go Blue Boys.” Former captain and central back Prince “Reo” Jetoh officially turned the captain’s band over to the new leaders.

Teah Dennis, who rejoined the Liberian Champions last season, will continue with the club for the 2019 season as captain.

However, Koulibaly will have to wait to make his first appearance as co-captain after the team’s first official pre-season match in the Blue Cup against Muscat FC today, Thursday, February 14, at Blue Field at 3:30 PM.

Coach Robert Lartey said he believes in the leadership ability of the three players and feels they are best suited for their roles.

“Teah is a respected figure and has international experience as Liberia’s former captain, and has served the club with all his heart and always wants the best out of his teammates,” Lartey said.

Prince Jetoh, who was the team’s second captain last season, is thrilled with the appointment.

When asked about Samir Kamara, he said, “Kamara is a mature leader and I know he brings so much to us as an individual. I’m sure if you ask the other players; they will say he would be an obvious choice as one of the team leaders.

“We are happy. He is organized, and he’s motivated the team even if he is not playing that is how a true leader acts,” Coach Lartey said.


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