BYC Display 12 Newly Recruited Players

The twelve newly recruited players from LISCR, Keitrace FC, Monrovia Club Breweries and FC Fassell for BYC Football for next season

Players excited about new club; Coach Pella promises to reclaim team’s top position

Barrack Young Controller’s twelve newly recruited players yesterday promised to justify the confidence the club have imposed in them to ensure that BYC reclaim their top position by winning the next national championship league title.

Club President Sekou Konneh told journalists after the unveiling of the players at the club’s official play ground, Blue Field, in Monrovia that the recruitment of the best players from other clubs is good for Liberian football.

“It gives opportunities for other players to be recruited by other clubs where they will have playing time to improve on their talents,” Konneh said during remarks and noted that the club would announce the players the newly recruited ones would replace to the public soon.

Konneh said his side has not completed its recruitment exercise as yet; but for now, he is confident with the caliber of players the club’s technical team, headed by Coach Robert Lartey, known popularly as Coach Pellah, has secured so far.

Konneh said with the current recruitment of some of the best talents from other clubs in the league, he is sending a message that the team does not go for “underdogs, because we go for the best.” He added that the recruitment creates an avenue for competition in the national league.

He admitted that LISCR FC are getting ready for the next championship because reports say LISCR FC have acquired at least four talented Gambian players.

The 12 new recruits signed for two years for an undisclosed sum. The players said in remarks that they are satisfied with joining Barrack Young Controllers, and described the team as one of the best in the country.

Coach Pellah commended the BYC management for the opportunity to acquire some of the most talented players in the country and explained that he rejoined the club last season when the team was in the 6th position on the log, but ended in second place. He was the coach during 2013-14 league seasons when the team had a great number of some of the best players in the country at the time, and won the champions league twice.

He said BYC are a performance-based outfit and therefore players are required to secure their positions on the team by working very hard to meet the standard set by the team.

“At the 2013-14 seasons I blended the players well and it was no surprise that I won the national championship twice,” Coach Pellah said. “With the current group of players and with my ability to blend talents, I’m convinced that despite the pressure that would bear on the team, we would survive and reclaim our top place on the league.”

The twelve players are Tony Shilley (from CeCe United), Edwin Davis (from CeCe United) and Martin Barclay (from Holder FC) – all three will feature for the BYC 11.

Others for the senior BYC 1 will include goalkeepers Abdulai Koulibaly (from Monrovia Club Breweries) and Alpha Jalloh (FC Fassell), Didier Sossa (FC Fassell), Jeremy Saygba (FC Fassell), Carlos Williams (Watanga FC), and John Jaysay (FC Fassell).

The rest are Eugene Swen (Keitrace FC), Fallah Sherriff (from LISCR FC) and James Walatee (FC Fassell).

The Chief Executive Officer of BYC, Robert Sirleaf, was excited about the newly recruited players and assured fans that they would win every trophy in the next league season. There were many fans at the unveiling program who cheered on and welcomed their players, wishing them a happy and memorable stay with the BYC family.


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