Breweries Increase Fatu FC’s Woes


Disappointment registered on Fatu FC players when they succumbed 2-0 to Monrovia Breweries last Saturday at the grassless D. Twe sports pitch in New Kru Town, Monrovia.

It was Fatu FC’s loss in three matches, since the Cellcom 2013/14 national first division league began a couple of weeks ago.

Playing in an attempt to redeem their misfortunes, Fatu FC went into the game as the under-dog. The pressure to escape another defeat was overbearing but they had to take their game head-on.

Monrovia Breweries FC had drawn one game and won one before last Saturday’s encounter.

That they were the favorites was clear as they marched on the field for the eventual decider.

On resumption, Breweries they meant business when they wasted a couple of corner kicks. The see-saw battle continued before winger Sylvanus Nimely’s grounder was connected home by team-mate Brooks.

Fatu FC returned for the second half with some seriousness, wasting a corner-kick in the process.

The game resulted into some rough-plays but Monrovia Breweries came on top to waste two corner-kicks in succession.

As the second half deepened, and both teams wasted corner-kicks in their respectively, Breweries’ striker Mustapha Foboi scored the second goal to increase their opponents’ anxiety.

 In the final fifteen minutes, visiting Ghanaian Coach Kobina Amissa arrived on the field from the Roberts International Airport and had a first half experience of the team he is preparing to take over.

Despite the loss, he urged the players to take heart because their time of losing matches was over.

Fatu FC’s next match is on Wednesday, November 6 against Keitrace FC at the Blue Field in Monrovia. They are expected to reinforce the team with new players, including LFA league’s last season best goalkeeper Mulbah Urey.

The team is being built for the Cup Winners Cup African campaign.


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