Bill Rogers 5K Run for Change: 27 Winners Receive Awards

Mr. Rogers (rear) poses with disabled athletes after the presentation.

The second annual “5K Run for Change and Fun Walk 2018” which was organized by the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) on November 29, has presented cash prize LD7,000 for winner one, LD5,000 for winner two and winner three, LD3,000, as well as medals, book bags, including copy books, pencils, and rulers to 27 young track athletes.

The BRYF is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop young talents in order to help them positively impact their communities and the world at large. The awards and prizes were given to the winners in various categories, including the youth and active runners, elderly, people with disabilities, women, and girls.

Addressing track athletes at the award ceremony, Mr. Emmanuel Divine Kpotoe, operations manager of the BRYF, said the event was in fulfillment of the commitment made by the organization to winners who participated in the event.

He said, “We have awards and appreciation for every winner so we just want to say thanks to every one of you for being here, we appreciate your time.” Mr. Kpotoe added that the Foundation had a successful 5K Run for Change.

“This is the second edition of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation 5K Run for Change. We had the first edition last year, in which most of you participated,” he said.

He assured the young people that the Foundation is going to make sure that the program continues every year as it will be used to transform the lives of many young people who have the talents believing that those talents will be unleashed so that those youths can reach their full potential.

Participants and Bill Rogers (center, with red T-shirt) after the tournament.

He said the organization has been having series of programs with regards to sports and education which have been done through its community initiative programs and has unveiled safe drinking water stations in various communities in and around Monrovia and Margibi respectively.

The founder and chief executive officer of the BRFY, Mr. Bill Rogers cautioned track athletes in the country to see the sport as an opportunity to change their lives.

“Track and field is a very good sport. Running is part of life, it makes you healthy. I see lots of fit guys here today. So, I want you to train because today I have used sport to transform my life and I know you can do the same,” Rogers said. He further lauded his partners and sponsors both in Liberia and abroad for their support towards the just ended marathon.

Mr. Rogers said the event could not have been successful without the support of those partners and sponsors that came through on grounds that he alone could not make it happen and because he loves the game. Rogers believes that there will be a bigger sponsorship for the 2019 event, expressing the hope that the event is held twice a year (every six months).

He said the foundation also hoped to host the race in the 15 Counties of Liberia, stating that the 2019 Run for Change may be hosted in Margibi County. Bill who said the foundation is here to discover and expose the talents of young people, promised to continue on that path.

The president of the Liberia Athletics Federation, Mulbah Zaza on behalf of the Federation, thanked Bill Rogers for the initiative and hoped to continue to work with the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation as long as it continues to exist in Liberia, promising to make it happen together.