Bassonians in ‘100,000 March’

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More than 100, 000 Bassonians residing in other parts of the country outside of Bassa are expected to converge in their homeland, in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to celebrate the triumphs of the football and basketball trophies from the 2013/2014 County Meet tomorrow, Saturday, February 1, 2014.

The trophies put an end to the county’s title drought that lasted 24 years.

The grand match, whose attire is expected to be dominated with red or blue, will begin during the morning hours from ‘Monrovia Junction’ located at Benson River Community, Lower Buchanan, and ends at the refurbished Doris Williams Sports Stadium at the Fair Ground, located behind the Bassa’s Executive Pavilion, for an official indoor program.

The march will be led by Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus alongside the County’s Administration, headed by Superintendent Etweda Cooper, including some prominent citizens.

They are: Cllr. Charles Brumskine, Rev. Abba Karnga, Chief Zanzan Karwor, Madam Estella Pailiy and Gender Minister Julia Duncan-Cassell.

The Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus is comprised of Senate Pro Tempore Gbehzohgar Findley, Senator Nyonble Karnga-Lawrence, Deputy Speaker and Hans Barchue; Representatives Mary Karwor, Gabriel B. Smith, Jeh Byron Brown and Robertson N. Siaway.

The celebration is to plainly and loudly send the message across to the other 15 counties that, “THIS IS BASSA’S TIME,” according to the organizers.

During the indoor program, the organizers said, players from the football and basketball teams will be honored for their exploits, as well as athletes from the track and edition for clinching the third place in the overall event. Moreover, players from the kickball and volleyball will be encouraged.

There will be speeches and might be climaxed with the disclosure of the budget for the ‘FIVE TEAMS’ in the 2014/2015 National County Sports and a date for the launch for their early preparation.

The Acting Chairman of the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus, Gabriel B. Smith, has formally communicated to Speaker J. Alex Tyler and the other 72 members of the House of Representatives to grace the occasion.

“We believe that the victory for Bassa is a victory for the entire nation and therefore we request the honor of your presence at this all important event to celebrate this historic occasion with us,” the Bassa Lawmaker wrote the House of Representatives.

In the 2013/14 Meet and particularly on Saturday, the 11th of January 2014, the Gbehzohn Boys from Grand Bassa dumped the Kpetawe Boys of Bong to clinch the Basketball Trophy.

The following day, on Sunday, Grand Bassa pinned favorite Nimba County, 2-1 to win the popular ‘Football Trophy.’ David Paye’s brace was enough to upset the Mountain Boys on Nimba in front of the record crowd.

Nimba County grabbed the volleyball title; Bong County clinched the kickball trophy while Nimba County emerged the 1st place winner in the overall athletics, followed by Grand Cape Mount and Grand Bassa.


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