Rain Upsets Basketball League

The wet floor of the gym at Broad_web.jpg

There were mixed feelings when female runner-up C-Delta withdrew from the national basketball league arguing that the Rufus Anderson’s leadership unfairly kicked-off the championship during the already rainy season.

C-Delta’s manger and captain Eddie Panton and Claudia George said the team’s withdrawal was to avoid spending unnecessarily knowingly that the league would impose some logistical and financial challenges because of the rains.

The 2014 basketball league began on April 2 at the heel of the rainy season, after months delay.

As the rain intensifies, the LBA would change the venue from the Sports Commission to a sealed-up gymnasium that cannot be found in Monrovia.

The Samuel SKD Complex gymnasium is out of bounds because PR China is set to renovate the stadium, anytime this year.

Another optional venue is the YMCA basketball gym, on Crown Hill but its annual children vacation programs are held there.

LBA executive member Alfred Siryon said the commencement of the league was ill-timed and it regrettable due to the rains.

Siryon said it would be better for the secretariat to run the league on short-notice and on tentative schedules.

He argued that it would be useless to run the league on the long-term schedule because of the rains.

“It will be appropriate to take the short-notice format and have the league continues,” he said.

Nevertheless, up to press time yesterday, Supreme Sisters were scheduled to battle Timber Wolves in the first game and LPRC Oilers would host Dream Team II.

In today’s fixture, if everything remains constant without a bad weather, Georgia Blazers face B. Bulls; Uhuru Prince meets Harbel Pointers and Barnersville Celtics would rub shoulders with NPA Pythons.


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