Oilers Humiliated in FIBA Finals in Tunisia

Sporting Alexandria of Egypt’s forward ahead of Oilers blocker in their match on Tuesday.jpg

Champion club LPRC-Oilers lost five games of the 28th FIBA Men’s Championship in Sousse, Tunisia and are out of the competition.

The Liberian champions lost their fifth game against Sporting Alexandria of Egypt 101-65, and the massive loss has ranked Liberia 85th, along with Burkina Faso and Togo.

Liberia has 0.6 points and minus 3, according to the latest release from the Federation of International Basketball Association. Togo also shares a similar fate with Liberia.

The most improved countries are Angola, ranked 15th with a maximum points of 143.0; Nigeria is ranked 18th with 109.0; Cote d’Ivoire is ranked 36th and ranked 21.2.

Senegal is ranked 41st with a score of 18.2, Cameroon is ranked 43rd with 16.2 scores and Egypt is ranked 46th with a score of 14.4.

The Liberian champions were no match to their Egyptian counterparts, Sporting Alexandria, in the 5th and final match last Tuesday.

The Egyptians hammered the Oilers 101-65 in a match dominated by the North Africans.

Reports from Souse in the 5th game indicated that Sporting Club Alexandria rode rough-shod over LPRC-Oilers, in a one-sided performance.

The Egyptians opened up the scoring with a thirteen point lead to win the first period 24-11 and never looked back until the buzzer.

Sporting Club finished the preliminary round with a 4-1 record and went on to win the remaining three quarters by 22-16, 31-22 and 24-16 for a final score-line of 101-65.

The LPRC Oilers lost their first game to Club Constantine of Algeria 84-64. The Liberian champions could not rise to the occasion in their next match and lost 49-91 to Tunisia’s Etoile Sportive and lost 67-86 to Mozambigue’s Ferroviaro da Beira.

As if that loss was not enough, the Liberians lost their 4th match to Tali basketball club of Gabon 61-83 points and climaxed their loss to Sporting Alexandria of Egypt.

Though the Liberian champions qualified for the finals during the poorly publicized FIBA Tournament held in Monrovia, the loss indicated how badly the Liberian side prepared for the competition.

The team was financially supported by AccelorMittal, for an undisclosed sum, but the poor performance is enough to indicate how ineffectively basketball is run in the country.

“It is a shame for a champion to lose all its games,” a basketball fan told the Daily Observer yesterday.



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