Nagbe’s Decision Right One for Basketball

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Youth & Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe’s decision to direct the resumption of basketball activities in November if by then Liberia Basketball Association president Rufus Anderson and aggrieved stakeholders are still unable to resume their differences out of court.

It means that President Anderson must find a way to get his opponents to agree to a settlement and a way forward concerning elections and issues about financial and other problems they have raised against him.

Presently, the LBA cannot hold elections and participate in any congress because of an injunction from the Monrovia City Court. Taking proper ownership of sports development in the country, Youth & Sports last August came out with guidelines to ensure their effective supervision and promotion. And aware of the legal rigmarole facing the Liberia Basketball Association, Minister Nagbe has realized that waiting for the legal resolution would mean that there could hardly be a league for the next basketball season.

Hence, after considering the pros and cons, he has realized that the legal action is only against LBA’s election and its congress and therefore he has decided to act in the interest of basketball. A great move!

So to get Minister Nagbe’s position realize would mean an interim administration that would handle and manage the next basketball league, in consultation with basketball presidents and owners.

Interestingly, I have held a similar position and I know Minister Nagbe is right on this one because those on whose behalf the game is organized are not being treated fairly. Minister Nagbe’s decision does not mean the government is interfering in the administration of basketball and this point must be understood clearly.

Minister Nagbe’s action demonstrates his recognition that if those who are charged with the responsibility are unable to find a common solution to their problems, then of course they cannot hold the game hostage.

If Minister Nagbe were to sit without taking any action, it would mean that the ministry is not concerned about the future of those who have spent money and their time to get it promoted as well as the youth who are passionate about the game. It would also mean that the Ministry has lost sight of its constitutional responsibility to Liberian youths. The Liberian government has an unwritten contract with its youths to give them recreation to bring them together and develop their physical abilities that would result for Liberia to be a healthy nation.

Minister Nagbe should direct the department of sport to call presidents and owners of basketball teams to a meeting with his decision for the resumption of the next basketball league.

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