Lone Star B’ball Team Set for 3×3 Championship

The Liberia delegation to the 2015 Inaugural FIBA .jpg

The Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) has announced its confirmation and selection of its team after rigorous training, to participate in the 2015 Inaugural FIBA Africa Zone 3 – 3×3 basketball tournament.

The Junior Lone Star basketball team would participate in only the U-18 male category. The remaining groups in the FIBA Africa Zone 3 – 3×3 basketball tournament, include the U-18 female, senior male and senior female.

The inaugural FIBA Africa Zone 3 – 3×3 basketball tournament is scheduled at the Surelere Stadium, Lagos, Nigeria from Thursday, June 18 to Sunday, June 21.

The President of the LBA, Rufus Anderson, said according to the U-18 3×3 basketball schedule, the team is expected to depart the country latest Friday, June 19.

He said Coach Erik Cooper; the head coach of 1st and 2nd division teams Dream II and Deviers is serving as coach for the U-18 3×3 basketball team.

The four players are Reubeu Farley, 18, and Abraham Petors (Bushrod Bulls), 17, – both play forward. The others are Will Collingwood and Richlieu Roberts, from Island Calves, both 18.

Coach Cooper told the Daily Observer yesterday that training has been ongoing for the past two weeks and was able to download the rules to climax his training.

“We are prepared – and we are ready thankfully owing to the download of the rules of the game – we were to know that for every foul you commit, the other gets a point -meaning to every foul there is a point for the other team,” Coach Erik said.


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