LBA Neglects Trash at Sports Commission

Trash piled up at one of the .jpg

Due to the current tussle in the leadership of the Liberia Basketball Association, a roomful of trash has been neglected by workers at the Sports Commission in Monrovia.

A visit by the Daily Observer yesterday gathered that since the leadership crisis began several months ago, sanitation worker, who was not identified has not showed up for work.

A member of the outgoing administration’s Executive Committee, Dennis Herbert, known popularly as Shakara, confirmed that the worker has not been coming to work and meanwhile angrily accused the Daily Observer for not fairly reporting events surrounding the leadership crisis.

“I did not see a report when the doors to the Sports Commission were illegally sealed off,” he said, but when he was told it was reported, he demanded to see the edition the report appeared.

Though rest rooms at the Sports Commission were locked, overpowering smell of pepe filled its surroundings.

One of the doors of the Commission is open while the other is still sealed off, and empty mineral water plastic bags thrown about several places at the Sports Commission.

Mr. Hebert, owner of Commissioners (male and female teams) and Sacbase, was furious when a question was posed to him about the unsanitary condition at the Sports Commission.

“There are no sports journalists who report objectively in this country (Liberia),” he fumed, “you only report what you want to report.”

He ignored the question.

Mr. Herbert’s anger, according to information, is due to the long period that the current leadership crisis has been going on that there seems no authority is prepared to bring to an end.

The outgoing leadership, led by Rufus Anderson and other stakeholders have failed to settle their differences and as a result have been unable to find a way forward.

Though Anderson is considering re-election, and has been opposed by several basketball presidents and at least on four occasions, proposed congress and elections were aborted.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Liberia National Olympic Committee have unsuccessfully mediated in the crisis.

Recent suggestion of an inclusive administration with the aggrieved stakeholders did not meet expectations of aggrieved stakeholders who have accused Anderson of financial improprieties.

The case is presently with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to decide the way forward but the longer the ministry stays to decide the next course of action, the longer the frustration of those who love and want to see the game develop.


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