K-Delta, Heats Win Championships

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Female basketball giant, K-Delta, retained her title when she whacked Timber Wolves 60-51 points to grab her 5th championship in recent years.

The fighting Wolves began the game and dominated the first quarter, 14-8 points, but the introduction of the Guinean-duo, Bougura and Traore settled the three points, while Alfreda Siryon, Blama and Buckle got two points as well as all the free shots and rebounds.

The Abubakar Syllah’s girls controlled the second and third quarters overwhelmingly: 22-11 and 13-7 but Timber Wolves narrowly got the last quarter, 17-19 points.

Unhappy Timber Wolves’ fans could not believe the let down, after being ahead in the best-out-of-five finals.

Fortnight ago, K-Delta bounced into the finals with 56-47 points, but Timber Wolves shifted the log with two straight surprisingly wins, 51-50 and 60-52 points.

Sadly, K-Delta leveled the mark, 73-67 points, and then on the D-day, emerged champions.

A related development, in division two, Georgia Blazers banged the last of the five days 56-51 points, to clinch the title.

The expected strong-willed side that flattened the tally two days to the final day only showed their might in their first quarter, falsely raising the hope of her fans.

Heats pushed the Blazers in the first period and grabbed a 6-point difference, in their 16-10 victory, but Blazers took control of the remaining three quarters: 15-9, 13-12 and 18-14 points respectively.

However, despite Heats’ defeat, both sides have qualified for the 1st division.

For the 1st division, LPRC-Oilers continued to chip the tally after Sunday’s win, after defeating Mighty Barrolle 65-55 points.

It means that on Wednesday’s game will be a do-or-die’s encounter, because a win by any side will make them the 2014/2015 1st division basketball champions.

Interestingly, in spite of the rotation in the tally, scores of Barrolle fans are still confident of winning this year’s championship.

A die-hard Barrolle, fan Edith Gray said: “This is our time… Nothing will stop us this time around…nothing…absolutely nothing.”

However, Oilers’ Judith Nmah laughed it off, “Can’t they see that we have buffeted the championship from them? On Wednesday we are bringing bands and print tee-shirts to celebrate our 4th title…hooray.”

Mighty Barrolle beat Oilers in two straight wins, a 2-0, 69-68 and 55-33 points to the disbelief of the many basketball followers. However, Barrolle failed just to pull a win to grab the title and instead Oilers chipped the tally 73-67 points and later made the tally 68-55 points.


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