Heats, K-Delta Flatten Scores

Timber Wolves is positive to break title record_web.jpg

Division two Heats scraped Blazers 62-56 points to level the score 2-2, in their best-out-of-five encounters, at the Sports Commission on Broad Street last Wednesday.

Heats controlled the floor in the first quarter 20-11 points, but the Blazers made some amendments and led the 2nd quarter 19-12 points. After recess, Blazers sustained the floor in the third quarter 15-12 points, but Heats consolidated and repaired to blast Blazers 18-11 points to win.

In the female division, triple champs K-Delta dashed the dream of Timber Wolves 47-45 points to rotate the tally to 2-2.

For the 1st division, LPRC Oilers chipped the tally 2-1 on Wednesday to also deny Mighty Barrolle the glory.

Oilers bashed Mighty Barrolle 73-67 points in an entertaining basketball game which put the gold-and-black fans to their heels and saddened the red fans.

A diehard Barrolle fan, Edith Gray said: “We are still in the lead and hopeful of this year’s championship.”

“This is our time,” Bobby Morris of Paynesville said. “Nothing will stop us this time around…nothing…absolutely nothing.”

The best-out-of-five games were supposed to continue on Friday but the games were rained off as well as on Saturday and were scheduled for yesterday.

A win for Barrolle will automatically make her champion after more than a decade of title drought but a loss will flatten the tally 2-2 and the final battle would be on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a win for either side in the second and female divisions will make them champions for the LBA 2014 Basketball League.

A lot of diehard female fans tipped Timber Wolves to emerge champions to undercut K-Delta’s dominance.


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