Diana E. Davis Dedicates U$8,000 Basketball Court

Founder & CEO Diana E. Davis speaks .jpg

A multi-purpose basketball court was last Friday dedicated at the campus of the Diana E. Davis Elementary & Senior High School in Brewerville, Monrovia.

At an overview before the dedication, Madam Dina E. Davis, founder and chief executive officer of the school, said it was through the goodwill of the school’s board of directors and friends that the multi-purpose basketball court, valued at about U$8,000 was completed.

“I want this court to be used for the glory of Jesus,” Madam Davis said, before a crowd of students, “and I want it to be used to develop your mental ability in the course of your educational pursuits.”

He called on students and the community to use the court to build and develop their minds to live as one in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He commended Mr. Simon Schoch and Mr. Christopher Jud (both at Monrovia Breweries but who were not present at the occasion), for their contributions that made the completion of the court successful.

Before cutting the sod to declare the court officially open, a member of the school’s foreign board, Master Herbert Hansley, a taekwondo expert, urged students and the community to use the court to develop their skills and their minds.

Master Hansley, founder of taekwondo system of self defense known as Kpelle Do, ‘how a Kpelle man fights’ said, “I have developed my personal skills within the context of Kpelle Do and therefore you must do the same but not to fight or become aggressive but to defend those who are weak among you.

“Protect the women and the girls among you because it is the right thing to do,” Master Hansley told the students, who cheered him on.

Earlier Principal Raymond Godfrey told the students to use the court to build their bodies and their minds to unite in their educational sojourn at Diana E. Davis School System.

After the opening ceremony, students jumped on the court, along with Master Hansley, who made unsuccessfully several attempts to make a basket good.

He kept trying and shot the ball from several angles before he made it, and said, “It’s been a while though,” as others cheered him on.

The Diana E. Davis School System has two elementary to senior high schools, located in Duala and Brewerville.


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