B’ball: Oilers, Commissioners Clash Today

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The 16th league matches of the Liberia Basketball Association continue this afternoon at the Sports Commission, on Broad Street, Monrovia.

There are three pairings today: G. Blazers will take on S. Brothers in the first match at 4:30p.m., A. Shooters will take on Phoenix in the second game at 6p.m., and final match of the day is between Commissioners and Oilers.

In their 13th league encounter on Sunday, April 20, 2014, Oilers suffered 53-55 points to Mighty Barrolle.

And it makes sense to speculate that Oilers will be returning to the game today to convince their fans that they lost by accident.

Commissioners received a massive loss to NPA Pythons (95-29 points) in their 13th league encounter and may be suffering the shock of the defeat.

Pythons proved too strong for Commissioners and many basketball fans are convinced they have learned some playing and scoring lessons.

So going against Oilers, another great team, many fans are wondering if Commissioners have recovered enough to stage their claim in the third game today.

Evidently, the Oilers cannot allow the Commissioners to stand in their way, and that means there will be trouble for the Commissioners.

Whatever the case is, Commissioners will have to discover themselves and be ready for their next game, which will be against T. Wolves on Thursday, April 24, 2014.

S. Brothers did not do well in their clash against B. Bulls in their 14th league encounter, suffering 67-22 points.

Phoenix also lost their 11th league match to T. Wolves 40-36 points, and though their loss was a narrow four points, going against A. Shooters who lost the 10th league match against S. Sisters, will mean they are going out to claim the points.  But the question is, can they?

There were two games scheduled for yesterday.

In game one, Supreme Sisters were expected to take on D. Queens and in the second game Pythons and Dream Team ll were paired for action at press time.


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