‘Basketball’s Growth Demands LBA, Government Support,’

Mr. Abraham Samukai.jpg

The founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of K-Delta basketball team, Mr. Abraham B. Samukai, has said that basketball’s improvement in the country demands the support of government.

In an interview yesterday in Monrovia, Mr. Samukai said, “The Liberian government has the responsibility to develop the youths and therefore for that to happen, sports, including basketball must get the required financial support.”

“That’s why the government must make it a priority since sports, including basketball develop the physical abilities of young people in sports,” he said.

He said the recent disaster suffered by LPRC-Oilers in the FIBA finals in Tunisia, where the team lost all five games at twenty-point margins must be enough that the game is not being developed and promoted enough.

He said Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) must develop a program to ensure the total improvement of the game, including ‘the take basketball to the communities’ initiative is developed.

“During this program, we will not participate in any tournament outside Liberia,” he said. “It will be the time to recruit and train to eventually be able to make a better representation in a future competition.”

K-Delta’s Board chairman said a good feeder program is also essential but it must be supported financially and materially by the government and corporate partners.

“Just as the government has its own responsibility towards basketball development,” Samukai said, “the LBA will have to ensure that it has a blueprint to improve the game.”

The Liberia Basketball Association, he said, “must make use of Up-country basketball tournament, which in the past unearned striking talents for Liberia.”

On the current delay of the national basketball league, he said the LBA could have managed to end the league, despite the national County Meet.


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