‘Basketball Recent Elections Unacceptable’


The president of Cestos Morgas basketball team, Malcolm Joseph told sports writers yesterday that the recent election of the leadership of the Liberia Basketball Association is unacceptable because procedures were not followed.

He said he was not informed of the elections by Mr. Rufus Anderson’s administration.

“After the injunction was lifted by the court,” Joseph said, “it was the duty of Mr. Anderson to have informed the rest of the group of the next course of action.”

He said Anderson’s administration rushed to have elections that they claimed gave them ‘white ballots’ at the election held in a local resort in Monrovia.

“The procedure is wrong,” he said, “how could the administration have a white ballot votes when some presidents are not prepared to work with him?”

He noted that if Anderson and his group had nothing to hide and wanted a free and fair election, “They should have informed the rest of the body with new election dates.

“They should have allowed the Elections Committee to set new dates for the Congress and Elections.”

He also complained that the fact that the Liberia National Olympic Committee was not informed to be present; and the Ministry of Youth & Sports was also not informed to be present indicate that Anderson’s administration had a motive to rush to elections.

“I cannot work with an administration that has failed to provide financial accountability,” he said, “I am not prepared to work with the administration until the right things are done.”

Though he did not speak for any of the presidents who have opposed Rufus Anderson’s administration, he said the Ministry of Youth & Sports must insist the right thing must be done, to ensure smooth administration of basketball.

The Anderson administration has been accused of maladministration, according to several presidents of basketball clubs, described as ‘aggrieved stakeholders.’ They have requested for financial probity in the use of U$100,000 provided by the Liberian government to Anderson’s administration.

Anderson’s rush to elections was due to the apparent threat by the Ministry of Youth & Sports recently that if by November the leadership crisis was not resolved it would take over the administration.

Many observers have blamed the Ministry for the impasse and the disrespect that has been demonstrated by the Liberia Basketball Association.

“The Ministry must be serious about what it wants happen,” said a long time observer of the crisis in the LBA. “Anderson has rushed to get something done that everyone knows was not done properly.”


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