Basketball ‘Controversial’ Bond Hearing Postponed

Liberian basketball president Rufus Anderson and Calvin Diggs, a member of aggrieved stakeholders.jpg

A hearing that was intended to argue the merit or demerit of a US$100,000 bond filed on behalf of Rufus Anderson was yesterday postponed by the Civil Law Court, at the Temple of Justice.

Anderson is the current president of the Liberia National Basketball Association (LNBA).

The postponement by Judge Yussif Kaba came immediately after lawyers representing Anderson’s party openly told the court that they were not ready to proceed with the matter.

“Since the complainant interposed objection to the request, the matter is hereby suspended,” Judge Kaba ruled.

He continued, “The injunction will remain in place until the matter regarding the bond is resolved.”

Prior to Civil Law Court Judge’s decision, the lawyers, in their request for postponement maintained that they could not file a copy of the justification of their bond, as requested by the court, because they were not given sufficient time to do so.

Therefore, they were not able to go ahead with the case.

In counter argument, lawyers representing some aggrieved stakeholders who sought the court’s intervention for a stay to prevent the congress and subsequent elections of the Liberia Basketball Association, did not interpose any objection to the postponement.

Rather, they asked the court not to lift the injunction until the bond issue was resolved.

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