Barrolle in Grand Finals after Decade

Barrolle in a narrow win on Saturday_web.jpg

The kanyan pepper boys of Mighty Barrolle have qualified to the first division’s grand finals in the ongoing Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) league.

The victory on Sunday night gave Barrolle a 3-2 series lead to crossover to the grand finals after a decade.

Earlier, Mighty Barrolle thumped Timber Wolves 58-56 points to redeem the score after having been defeated 54-49 points.

The Rollers got their qualification on Sunday night when the management of the LBA in consultation with the technical committee awarded them the points in a game which ended in scuffle, while leading amidst 57-51 lead.

Timber Wolves’ talisman known as “Ben” reportedly assaulted referee Tus Dickson, a minute to the last quarter when a foul was called against him.

The last-minute broil was blamed on series of ‘unfair’ calls from referees Tus Dixon and Jenkins Cummings.

The Secretary General of the LBA, D Allen Goodridge rubbished the claim of its untrained and ill-equipped basketball referees and said the bad sportsmanship of Ben should not be tolerated in any form.

He said the release of its findings, which could at least a year ban, will come out today, June 24.

Basketball fans spoke to the Daily Observer said Ben’s action is a reflection of a bad team player, arguing that players often copy their coaches' actions.

“If coaches are unfair to referees it leads players on the bad side of the referees even if a foul called is fair,” one said.

Another added, “Also, when coaches blame match officials rather than taking responsibility for poor play, this has a negative effect on the team.

“Coaches should stop yelling and insulting referees…yelling, throwing fits, and screaming are childish behaviors. I know they see big time coaches doing this on TV. But let's face it and be real about this. It's a very immature behavior.”

Meanwhile, On Sunday, NPA Pythons and Oilers’ game was rained off.

According to the revised fixture, the two are expected to meet today to decide the winner to go against Mighty Barrolle in the grand finals, in the “best-out-of-five.”

The triple basketball champs LPRC-Oilers narrowly pinned NPA Pythons, 76-75 points on Friday to rotate the score, having suffered in the first derby 85-69 to Pythons.

Already in the second division, Georgia Blazers and Heats crossed over to the finals, as well as K-Delta and Timber Wolves. On Sunday, Supreme Sisters forfeited their points.


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