5 Top Players from 2015 Upcountry League


One hundred and eighty (180) players changed the atmosphere, from fear of being punished over ruthless behavior to a more responsive, peaceful and joyful manners, in Ganta during the three-day first-ever post-Ebola basketball tournament.

There was not only excitement in the most rural ‘saleable’ town – but also heartwarming sights, sounds, and smells to remind us that Ganta is always lively.

There were three schools in each zone for 23 basketball matches throughout the tournament.

During the matches, there were five exceptional players identified that may have a future in the national basketball league. The five players below, it is hoped possess skills and a future in professional basketball.

The Ganta United Methodist School’s Point Guard has statistically been the league’s best player on a per-minute basis throughout their five games in the tournament. He is unquestionably the winner of 2015 Upcountry Basketball MVP. He landed the highest assist, which helped Ganta United Methodist School to win all her games. According to his overall statistics, he averaged 60.3 points, 42.3 rebounds, 91.7 assists and 33.7 steals.

The 20 year-old is the best power forward in the Upcountry tournament and that secures him the number one spot in our rankings. For recruitment, he can be reached at 0880811396.

The lanky powerful Point Guard was the highest on the list based on his individual box-score statistics. He was the tournament’s highest scorer with 51 points. The 23 year-old has upped his usage rate to superstar-level while increasing his efficiency and (an oft-unnoticed factor) never turning the ball over.
Besides being a net-buster, he was a good defender and blocker and there was no player in the league that possessed his combination of size, strength and athleticism.

He was the most versatile power point guard, and his 26 points led to the convincing defeat of Doloken Gboveh High School, (44-18) in the grand finals, which helped Ganta United Methodist School (GUMS) to clinch the title after three trials. For recruitment, he can be reached on 0886248326.

Kamara was the lead entertainer and “Stat Stuffer,” so therefore he deserves praises for reaching Doloken Gboveh High School to the finals for the first time in 34 years.

He was the tournament’s highest 3-pointer – netting crucial eight three-points.

Because of the “Number 10 Jersey” he was called Gboveh’s Messi. The 27-year-old is one of the most intriguing national prospects. He is a 5-foot-11 guy who can run the fast break. He is also good at the defense or blocking. He prefers to be contacted on 077728900.

Eight months ago, in the Special Upcountry Basketball Tournament, Eric Wongan topped the list and his school – St. Martin’s won the Upcountry Basketball tournament for the second time in 27 years.

In this year’s regular’s tourney, he was one of the contenders for the MVP, but his rivals from GUMS – Diamond Wesley and Lawrence Mahn stopped his dream in the semi finals.

The 22 year-old netted 38 points in four games and could have done more if the Lions of GUMS didn’t outweigh him.

Earlier, he proved unstoppable but later, he was stopped in his fourth match and the only wart on his resume was maintaining his scoring ability but the fact that his defense had declined -his defense when locked in was the primary impetus for ranking him above all the others and whipping GUMS.

He is one of the elite players and is promising -less dependent on teammates to affect the game than perhaps any other player on this list. For recruitment, he can be reached at 0880838536.

The 23-year old forward struggled to really help his school – C.H. Dewey (Bomi County), but fell in the quarterfinals – gossip said he wouldn’t shoot for more points owing to “overnight illness.”

He would have surpassed Olesen probably if he wasn’t ill and locked out – but in his three games – he was an entertainer.

He initiated nearly everything for C.H. Dewey when he was on the court. He was the team leader in offensive, but in his third game, he wasn’t strong enough and was unable to get to the rim and/or get fouled.

He clearly has the talent to be better defensively and racks up the blocks and steals, but he has not been able to push his team to a dominant performance despite the raw tools to do so. He can be reached at 0886222006


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