33 Students End CET Basketball Program

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At least 33 young students recently participated in the Calvary Empowerment Team (CET) vacation basketball program at the Tubman High gymnasium in Monrovia.

The young students were drawn from Effort Baptist High School, Tubman High, J. J. Roberts High School and St. Teresa Convent, Christ the King, B. W. Harris and Ford Median Academy.

Tubman High and Effort Baptist High School reached the finals and Tubman High won 23-17 points. After the match, a brief ceremony was held and certificates were awarded to several players for their exceptional performances and good conduct.

The eight weeks’ vacation program was mixed with spelling contests, traditional cultural dances and behavior change skills development that was held at the St. Teresa’s Convent campus.

Linda McCauley (BW Harris High School), earned the Most Valuable Female Player certificate, Angel Duo (Christ the King), won the Best Speller certificate and Thomas Howard (Ford Median Academy), earned the Most Disciplined student certificate.

Other certificates included the highest scorer, highest three-pointer and highest rebounder. In the spelling contest final, Effort Baptist won Tubman High 245-220 points.

Program Officer Mrs. Jewel Duo said each child registered with US$35 and player received a basketball jersey and a tee shirt. A field trip was also made to the Benson Hospital in Paynesville.

The objective of program, she said was to help the participants to interact with each other to create friendship and to remain focus in working along with their friends.

Lititia Holmes, 16, a 10th grade student from St’ Teresa’s Convent, who has been in the program for the last three years, said, “It motivates me to always do the right things in school and at home.”

Edward Valentine, 9, from the Effort Baptist High School said he enjoyed the program because he wants to a good basketball player in the future. “Now I can bounce the ball between my legs and shoot from the two-point mark,” he said.

Although 64 students registered for the program but 33 of them were able to end it successfully.

The Calvary Empowerment Team is a nonprofit youth organization that partners with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, YMCA, Ghana-Liberia Mission (Charity organization) and some other nongovernmental organizations in developing the leadership capacities of young people and to help them contribute to their communities.


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