Barrolle Slips in Championship Hunt


Disappointed fans of Mighty Barrolle, in their dominant red attire, were spell-bound and cheerless last Sunday, when the Kanyan Pepper’s boys failed to defeat Timber Wolves at the Sports Commission on Broad Street, writes Leroy M. Sonpon, lll.

The virtually youthful Wolves whipped Mighty Barrolle 47-61 points.

The Rollers’ defeat narrowed their hunt to put an end to their decades-long title drought, but Coach Otis Nyanneh is still optimistic of clinching the title, arguing that every team loses, and that is part of the game.

Barrolle’s win last week against Bardnersville Celtics, 71-62 points favored them alongside LPRC Oilers and NPA Anchors for their title hunt.

But their latest defeat to Wolves may probably be their turning-point to remain empty in their title hunt.

Earlier, Supreme Sisters whipped Commissioner 33-23 points and K-Delta continued their winning spree when they thrashed Phoenix 64-47 points.


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