Barrolle Joins Elite Group after Three-Year Struggle

Mr. Nagbwe.jpg

The president of the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association, Information Minister Eugene Lenn Nagbe, has been commended by fans of the association for his able leadership that has seen the club back in the first division.

Barrolle, one of the oldest clubs in the country, has been struggling to move to the first division since it was relegated three years ago.

The association has gone through several leaderships and Minister Nagbe’s leadership has seen the team rising to the expectation of its thousands of fans.

“We want to commend Minister Nagbe for his able leadership,” a fan said in a congratulatory message, “we must now join together to support the team in the first division.”

Mighty Barrolle and Invincible Eleven are two of Liberia’s once formidable teams. They represented Liberia in continental and sub-regional competitions and produced Liberia’s greatest soccer stars.

Players, including George Weah (Senator Weah), James Salinsa Debbah (current national team coach), and many others, came through the two teams.

Barrolle is known as ‘The Kanyan Pepper’ boys and Invincible Eleven is also known as Liberia’s Darling Club.

The two teams have songs, produced by Liberian musician Robert Toe to their glory.

Past Liberian presidents identified with either of the two clubs. The late President Samuel Doe supported Mighty Barrolle, while previous President William Richard Tolbert supported Invincible Eleven.

In fact there was a time Liberia was divided between the two teams. Many older Liberians remember with admiration the days of Liberian soccer glory that produced many unknown players, one of whom competed in the last two elections.


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