2 Electric Shock Victims Out of Danger

Coach Nathaniel Patten glad that his son.jpg


Georgia Blazers basketball coach Nathaniel Patten, father of Edward Grimes, 19, popularly known as Trokon on Warren Street (Monrovia), who suffered an electric shock, along with his manager, Charles Swaray, last week Wednesday, are out of danger.

“My son Trokon is back home,” Coach Patten told the Daily Observer last Friday. “He is doing fine.” The incident took place on last Wednesday, April 8, when Trokon attempted to remove live wires that had knocked his manager off, from his body and he was also knocked down.

Swaray, according to a woman who only identified herself as his mother said, “I spoke to my son and he is doing fine.” Swaray was admitted at the S. D. Cooper Clinic while Trokon was admitted at the JFK Memorial Hospital. The Daily Observer learned that Swaray was still under observation last Friday, because he could not move two of his fingers.

Coach Patten, who took Georgia Blazers to the last basketball championship, said, “When the incident happened and immediately I got the news I was sure that my son would be alright.” He said his faith as a Christian gave him the assurance that his son and his manager would be out of danger.

“Trokon has been working with Swaray for the last four years,” Coach Patten said, “and they have been doing fine. Trokon is being taught as an electrician.”

He explained that what happened last Wednesday was an accident. Swaray owns a generator for his cold water business, and it was during a process to connect some wires that he was knocked off, and became unconscious.

When Trokon realized what had happened, additional information said he cut the power source of the generator, but did not realize that a nearby deep-freezer was still active, and according to Coach Patten it was when his son torched the freezer that he was knocked down and also lapsed into unconscious.

He said because of being a dutiful son, the whole community prayed for his son, along with his manager. “I’m thankful to God that everything worked well,” Coach Patten told the Daily Observer.


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