APM Terminals Celebrates with Games


It was an afternoon of fun as employees of APM Terminals converged at the Myrtle Beach last Saturday to celebrate their end of year party with soccer, volleyball, checker games and music.

The entertainment also included the honoring of twenty four employees, including Julie Cole Eastman, who was honored posthumously.

Also on hand to entertain the workers was Baby Love, a Liberian musician, who announced her single album, MR. RIGHT that is coming out in a couple of weeks.

She performed three classic songs, which included her own, MR. RIGHT, which delighted the large gathering from all every department of APM Terminals.

Jonathan Armar Baxter, who led the five-aside-team to win a trophy at stake, said the celebration was a team-building exercise, using sporting games to share with each of the workers.

Baxter’s team won their counterparts 2-1, after five-five penalty kicks.

Another side won the volleyball trophy, winning 2-0 (15-7; 15-13 points).

The checker did not have any award for the players.

Meanwhile, the following workers received awards for the invaluable contribution and dedication to their work:

Wheymar Reeves for Taking Costs Out Initiative; Rony Yap, Long Service; Mourillon Kollie, Employee of the Year; Karl Gnonlonfin, Best leadership and Management; Stephen Gortor, Best Leadership and Supervision; Henry Glasgow, Front Office Star and Jusu Varney, Best Safety Behavior; Victoria Taylor, Best Safety Technical Department.

Others: Eric Kiadii, Commitment to Service along with Priscilla Flomo, Benjamin Wreh, Ebenezer Opoku, Emmanuel Moses, Wondeh Clarke, Sam Koryon, Alimata Zoe Johnson, Augustus Tarr Payne, Leon Lard, Noah Sheriff, and John Mayson.

The honorees were drawn from the various departments, including technical, marines’ services, planning and operations, gate, execution, health and safety, human resource, info tech, finance, commercial and civil-engineering.

Tomack Barclay earned the Best Driver of the Year award.

Special recognition went to the APM Terminals FC; Seth Danquah, Operator of the Year and special recognition went to Health Support Team, for its excellence during the Ebola fight.

In interviews after the ceremony, Benjamin Wreh and Tamack Barclay each expressed appreciation to the management of APM Terminals for the recognition.

Wreh said, “It is a wonderful recognition and it serves as strong motivating to us to do our best for a company that is doing so much for us.”

Barclay noted that the award demonstrates the management’s interest in its workers, and it will serve as a strong motivation.

A spokesman for APM Terminals said the companies’ workers are an important component that drives the company to success.

He added that the employees are part of a 200,000 strong in 80 countries and promised better things to come for them.


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