Ansu Dulleh: ‘We’ll Work to Attract the Fans Back’

Mr. Ansu Dullleh

Mr. Ansu Dulleh, chairman of competition at the Liberia Football Association and a contestant for the post of  vice president for operations during April 12 LFA elections,  says he has decided to join the race to make sure that greater attention is paid to the substantive development of the game.

In an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, in Monrovia, Mr. Dulleh said the time has come for the LFA to invest in youth football in the various categories, including female football.

“I am talking about the U14, U17, and the U20,” Mr. Dulleh said. “Also the female teams and the national league.”

“We will endeavor to get everyone on board to make sure that Liberian youths have the opportunity to compete against their counterpart in the region.”

Dulleh said the time has also come for the LFA to make Liberian football attractive to the soccer fans, many of whom are addicted mainly to European football.

He admitted that through technology, European football is fed at the table of every soccer fan. “That’s why we need to find the means and make the sacrifices needed to improve our standard of the game so that it would attract the fans,” he said.

He regretted that Liberian female soccer teams have not been able to represent the country in the various competitions through some financial challenges, he would work along with the leadership to change the trend.

“Our girls, once motivated, are capable of representing the country in any of the CAF tournaments and that is why my decision to seek a top post at the LFA is predicated on that,” Dulleh said.

He said Liberian football should begin to grow and it can only happen when those who are passionate about its growth are elected to power to deliver what the country expects of them.
“I want to be part of the next administration so that we can find ways to make our league more competitive,” Dulleh said. “We want to make our league better what it is.”

Dulleh said the Musa Bility administration has set the trail and therefore the future administration that he wants to be part of, will continue to another level and with President George Manneh Weah’s blessing on them, the LFA will move in the right direction.

He commended the Musa Bility administration for the targets set for the further development of soccer in the country.
The LFA will hold its elections on April 12. The vice president for operations” position is being contested for by three persons, including Ansu Dulleh, J. Allan Klayee, and Wilmot F. Smith.


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