Andy’s Dialogues Clear Hurdles

Deputy Minister Andy Quamie makes a point when he met with sports journalists recently

The Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Andy Quamie is showing that he means business when it comes to promises.

During his confirmation recently, Mr. Quamie told lawmakers that he would ensure that confusion among sports federations is resolved to clear the way for their smooth running, and made specific mention of the long-standing leadership fracas in the Liberia Basketball Federation.

Believing that Mr. Quamie was a man of his words, the Senate did not waste any more time and confirmed him.

Upon resuming office, Mr. Quamie called a meeting with a number of sports writers and in a point-blank familiarization gathering, told them that he was seeking their support, describing his request as a partnership to develop sports and the youths.

“If you don’t understand what we are doing,” Quamie told the journalists, “get in contact with us at any time and we will clarify your concerns.”

At the meeting, Quamie said he was beginning to hold meetings with the leadership of all federations, about 29 of them to learn about their challenges, programs, among others.

After the meeting with the sportswriters, Quamie moved on to dialogue with other federation heads, one of which was the leadership of the Liberia National Handball Association, whose leadership is con-incidentally being challenged by former handball technical officials coach Hadji M. Sesay, Jonathan Kollie, and Terry S. Morgan.

According to information, Sesay lost his position as national coach of the national handball association because “he failed miserably to perform his duties assigned him” since he led a team to visit Ghana.

In a letter addressed to Saysay, dated February 17, the LNHA said because “Saysay abandoned his position and gross insubordination to the office of the president,” he was removed officially from that position.

This new development interested Andy Quamie and he is working along with the leadership and the aggrieved to find a workable solution.

Quamie’s meetings with all the federations to hear from them and also to have ideas of their platforms are commendable and as he told sports journalists, he would need their support to make sure that decisions are upheld to move Liberian sports forward.

It is also hopeful that the intractable leadership crisis that has stalled the development of basketball will be exorcised and final decisions that will be reached by the ministry will be abided by without any conditions from those who may eventually lose their positions.

Andy Quamie, in any case, has come to the Ministry of Youth & Sports at the right time. Liberian sports must go forward and this can only be successful when all sports administrators and the media join the united effort to make that happen.


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