AG Team Assures Support to Donamisport Project in West Point


West Point Township Commissioner Samson Nyan told a visiting team of members of the Assembly of God from the United States that the small community awaits support to improve the lives of the people.

The team was led by Doc Lawson, Liberian-American ex international soccer player, who is the head of the popular DonamiSports that organizes sports for youths and kids every year.

Commissioner Nyan told a team of nine persons, including three women, that he was happy to welcome them to the community.

“I want to thank Mr. Lawson for leading the way to bring good people with the intent to listen and see what goes on here and provide assistance,” Nyan said.

Earlier, Doc Lawson had explained the purpose of the visit that brought his friends, who are members of the Assembly of God Church in the United States, to see the need to become part of The Last Well campaign to provide safe drinking water and the Gospel (of Jesus Christ) to Liberian communities by the year 2020.

The Assembly of God team was led by Rev. Gaylord Brown, head of the Liberia Mission.

The team later visited a nearby beach where soccer games were held and interacted with the players. In a video interview recorded for viewers in the United States, Mr. Lawson recounted the difficulties that residents of the township go through.

“When we are able to provide help to these people,” Lawson said, “it would mean support to these people, who are also God’s children.”

He said The Last Well’s ambitious campaign to provide safe drinking water to every Liberian community by 2020, will demonstrates God’s love to share the Gospel, which is the ultimate goal of the campaign.

The Last Well is the brainchild of American Dr. Todd Philips, who is passionate about ending waterborne diseases in Liberia, along with providing news about Jesus Christ.


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