A Worthy Support to ‘Street Children’


Nine Liberian street children took part in the just ended Street Child World Cup in Brazil and the results are encouraging and would make a difference in their lives.

The nine children are part of a larger number of Liberian kids, over 300, being helped by Street Child Liberia, a non-governmental humanitarian organization recently organized with support from Street Child UK.

The organization’s primarily goal is removing street children from the street and re-uniting them with their parents.

The Street Child Liberia was recently established in the country, with volunteers and support from Street Child United Kingdom.

Who is a street child? Public Relations Officer Ms. Tarsha Mathies Jackson, said, “Is a child who practically lives on the street; who finds food for himself and runs his own affairs.”

Street Child Liberia has succeeded in re-uniting several parents with their children, has paid for two years’ school fees, as well as providing them with school materials.

“Parents are additionally supported with financial assistance,” Tarsha said, “after the two years the parent is helped to continue a business to support the child, not to return to the street.”

The idea to participate in the Street Child World was born and experimented in the last World Cup in South Africa.

Street Child of Liberia decided to apply for participation, which was accepted with Street Child UK, Putu Mining Company, AquaLife and NOCAL throwing their financial and moral support behind the idea.

With funds from Putu Mining Company and NOCAL and with free provision of safe drinking water during the preparation, Liberia was able to send a team, as the only West African representative, to Brazil.

Reports say the nine Liberian children, ably represented Liberia and West Africa as worthy ‘Ambassadors.’ They joined 19 countries, including USA, Pakistan, Rwanda, Brazil and the eventual champions, Tanzania, to tell the world that they are ‘somebody’ and their voices need attention. They are returning home tomorrow (Thursday, April 10, 2014) to carry the message to their colleagues to live and live large and shape their future for a better tomorrow.

While the new heroes are yet to touch the Liberian soil, we want to commend Putu Mining Company, NOCAL and AquaLife for their tremendous support towards such a life-changing endeavor.


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