‘A Step in the Right Direction’

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The President of the Liberia National Olympic Committee, Philipbert Browne, says the assessment visit of the new Youth and Sports Minister Charles Saah N’tow at the Olympic Village is a step in the right direction.

Mr. Browne stated that it’s unprecedented since the erection of the Olympic Village in 2007 for a Youth and Sports Minister to tour the facilities.

He made the remarks on Thursday, March 17, at the end of the Sports Minister’s exclusive tour of the Olympic Village.

The Olympic Village is on 10 acres of lands in Kemah Town, Soul Clinic Community, Paynesville.

The LNOC boss thanked the Minister and his entourage and expressed the LNOC’s cordial relationship with the Minister.

“I can say we can assure you of 110% relationship with the Ministry,” Mr. Browne said.

He reminded the Minister that the LNOC still wants the government, through the Ministry to take over the Olympic Village.

Browne said the only precondition is for the LNOC to provide the Deputy Director to promote the programs of the OIC and the Olymp Africa Foundation.

He added that the Caretaker which has been in the employ of the LNOC must be transferred to the Ministry.

The LNOC President stated that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) provided US$120,000, while the government gave US$30,000 for the erection of the Olympic Village. He stressed that the original deed of the Olympic Village is in Dakar, Senegal at the headquarters of the Olymp Africa Foundation.

The LNOC’s Vice President for Administration, Cllr. Sylvester Rennie; the Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General, Joseph Willie and Fred Pratt, the Director of the Olympic Village, Ahmed Tukpa, Treasurer Boie Korvah and other executive members including the presidents of boxing, cycling, taekwondo, tennis and a representative from the YMCA were in attendance.

Meanwhile, Minister N’tow hailed the LNOC for the Olympic Village and said it’s comprised of lots of opportunities.

The Minister said the Village can probably be turned into a sports haven where accommodations can be erected to have high school Olympics and other national sporting events.

The Minister also said the Village can also be a business hub to generate income.

He stressed that the Ministry and the LNOC would have lots of discussions about the facilities, including the ownership and improvement of the Village.

His entourage was comprised of Assistant Sports Minister V. Murvee Gray; Bryant Mcgill, the Chief of Office Staff of the Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton and the Sports Technical Director Kelvin Sebwe, amongst others.

The construction of the Village began in 2005 and was completed and dedicated in 2007. The Village comprised of athletics’ track, multipurpose courts, football field and an administrative building.

Since then several programs have hosted by the LNOC sponsored by Olymp Africa Foundation, the OIC or ANOCA.


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