7-Day Soccer Clinic Opens in Fiama for 25 Coaches


A seven-day Soccer Clinic for twenty five participants opened yesterday at 21st Street, Sinkor, outside Monrovia, with Coach David Nimely as the facilitator. The clinic (Oct. 24-31) will deliberate on subjects such as Training Plan, Technical Support Plan, Players Selection Plan and Rules to Govern Performance.

Others are Strategic Approach to Coaching, Techniques, Physical Preparation, Training, Planning, and Physical Preparation, among others.

The theme of the Clinic, according to Coach Nimely, is “Responsibilities of a professional coach (or a career coach)” with the central question: “Who should be called a professional coach?”

At Monday’s opening session, Coach Nimely, who has coached across Africa and Asia, said the participants are drawn from coaches with a minimum high school education.

“These are people who love to make soccer coaching as a career, and so I am hosting this clinic to prepare them for what they may encounter in the future,” Coach Nimely said.

During a lecture after the opening session, Coach Nimely told the participants about the importance of becoming and behaving like a professional coach right from the start, while building the rest of the training around it.

He told the participants that the clinic is a form of preparation that should lead them to deciding to make coaching their career paths.

“At the end of the seven days, and please note that Sunday is free, each participant will receive a certificate,” he said.

Coach Nimely said he is providing support to individuals who have long wanted to get refresher coaching capacity building workshops before moving into other organized coaching programs, like the one held by the Liberia Football Association.

He added that beginner coaches must sit for License D, then C before moving on to B and A as the individual coach gains exceptional understanding in coaching, and to be able to coach any and everywhere in Africa.

Meanwhile, the practical session is held at the Old Matadi Estate playground.


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