6 Giants Win Cyborg’s Power Lifting Tourney


Amid the dormancy of the Liberia Body Building and Weight Lifting Federation owing to a leadership crisis dating back to 2013, members have been striving to keep the sports alive with training and community competitions.

The House of Cyborgs, a gym located in the Grassfield Community of Gardnersville, outside Monrovia, on Saturday, March 4, staged its 2017 In-House Championship in three categories.

The tournament was done in Bench Press Power Lifting.

In the Light Weight Category, Jeremiah Togbah, 23, won the title. Togbah, alias Cyborg, clinched the “Light Weight Champions” lifting a weight of 210 pounds. Patrick Wreh, 30, emerged second.

Wreh, alias Turtle Bone, lifted 180 pounds. The six entrants started the lift at 70 pounds.

Four contenders rivaled in the middle weight category, of which Andrew Simmonds surfaced as the winner with a lift of 260 pounds. Simmonds, alias Demigod, is 36 years old. Sterling Obayemi (alias DJ SO), was runner-up.

He’s 29 years old. DJ SO whipped Mr. Romantic after three ties.

Defending heavyweight power lifter, Sylvester Diggs (alias John Rambo), maintained the title with a lift of 340 pounds.

Rambo, 39, is the first to retain the title in the House of Cyborgs.

The first champion of the Cyborg’s House was George Kondi Gibson (alias Gola Cyborg). The second champ was Benny Kanmoh, and now, Rambo.

Mr. Lawrence Fatomah (alias Master P) was second.

The House of Cyborgs was established 2013, by Mr. Gibson.

The former heavyweight power lifter was a founding member of the Liberia Body Building and Weight Lifting Federation.

In a special statement the Gola Cyborg thanked the participants and said “everybody is a winner. We want to appeal to those who are responsible for the Liberia Body Building and Weight Lifting Federation to reactivate the sports.”


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