4 Media Houses Banned from Broadcasting World Cup Matches


The Civil Law Court has placed a preliminary injunction against three local radio and television stations from broadcasting the 2014, FIFA World Cup currently being played in Brazil, in the South America.

The block on Real TV, (Renaissance Communication Inc) SKY TV, (Sky Communication), CLAR TV (Royal Communication), and Love TV, (Sarafina Communication), was imposed following an appeal for “Declaratory Judgment” prayed for by the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).

The ban that was imposed on June 30, according to the court, will remain in force pending the determination of the LBS’s appeal, on July 7.

In the injunction, the court instructed its Sheriff (court officer) to enjoin and restrain   the four media houses from further broadcasting the FIFA 2014, World Cup currently being staged and played in Brazil.

It further instructed that the institutions were to appear before the court on July 7, to answer to the LBS’s declaratory judgment request.

A Declaratory judgment is a binding judgment from a court defining the legal relationship between parties and their rights in the matter before the court.

It does not provide for any enforcement, however.   In other words, it states the court's authoritative opinion regarding the exact nature of the legal matter without requiring the parties to do anything.  

In their complaint, the LBS alleged that it had been authorized by the FIFA as the only media institution in the country to broadcast the world cup matches.

They further claimed that the authorities of these institutions have so far defied the orders from the FIFA, and were illegally broadcasting the games.

The action followed a series of other requests informing the institutions to come to them and discuss about their interest in broadcasting the Brazil, 2014 World Cup matches.

They further claimed that the institutions refused to hold a discussion with the management of LBS, and instead went ahead to broadcast the world cup games.


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